Enhance Physiotherapy

Is about enhancing your mobility and quality of life following injury and pain using clinical reasoning and evidence based treatment. We help people regain movement, decrease pain, improve sporting performance, resume normal work duties and / or activities of daily living. At Enhance Physiotherapy we are highly skilled clinicians with years of experience both in the clinic and on the sporting field. Commitment to continuing education is the reason we provide the most up to date diagnosis, treatment and clinical care. We see patients of all ages. We assist with diagnosing the cause of your problem to enable us to treat your condition effectively, we don't just treat your symptoms. Once your problem has improved we promote independent management of your problem so that reliance on physiotherapy is not as necessary in the future. We provide lengthy one on one appointment times to ensure the best outcome.

We offer Professional and Effective Treatment for:

      • Joint and Muscle Problems
      • Neck and Back Pain
      • Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries
      • Sports Injuries
      • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
      • Headaches
      • Arthritis
      • Chronic Pain
      • Broken Bones
      • Sports Conditioning
      • OH&S consulting